Make a Donation!

You can transfer the money in to our HSBC bank account below:

This method of payment guarantees 100% donation policy

Account name: Blackburn UK Trust
Sort code: 40-12-04
Account number: 51892762

Mufti Saleh Saheb: 07450 504641
Muhammad Ali Dhorat:: 07578 389796
Yusuf Sidat: 07931 575388
Soly Bhai Makda: 07970 595896
Bilal Sidat: 07581 157115

PayPal payments can be completed by clicking on the button below :
NOTE: Paypal will charge 1.4% + 0.20p per transaction.
Blackburn UK Trust CANNOT guarantee 100% donation.
For example, a £100 donation, PayPal will deduct a total of £1.60
£1.40 constitutes a 1.4% transaction fee
£0.20 is the remainder of the PayPal fee.

Thank you for your kindness dear volunteers