A single cycle rickshaw costs £150

A single hand stall costs £100

A food hot meals cart costs £450

Imam Livelihood – £600 for 10 goats

HSBC Bank Account name: Blackburn UK Trust
Sort code: 40-12-04   Account number: 51892762
IBAN No: GB83HBUK40120451892762
Branch ID: HBUKGB4102P

● This project helps unemployed people start their own business either by riding a cycle rickshaw or putting a hand stall.

● This is a step to make the ummah self-dependent and not let them stretch hands before others. Their dignity is our dignity.


It was narrated that Qabisah bin Mukhariq said:
“I heard the Messenger of Allah says: ‘It is not right to ask (for help) except in three cases: A man whose wealth has been destroyed by some calamity, so he asks until he gets enough to keep him going, then he refrains from asking: a man who undertakes a financial responsibility, and asks for help until he pays off whatever needs to be paid; and a man concerning whom three wise men from his own people swear by Allah that it is permissible for so-an-so to ask for help, so he asks until he has enough to be independent of means, then he refrains from asking.  Apart from that. (Asking) is unlawful.”
(Sunan An-Nasa’i)



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