• Mosquito Nets - Help People Get Away from Viruses and Diseases - Help Poor


    A single mosquito net costs £5

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  • Orphan Sponsorship

    Sponsoring an orphan costs £150

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  • Pakistan Flood Emergency Appeal

    £30 per food pack
    £35 to provide a tent for a family

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  • Poor Couples Wedding

    • A single wedding costs £400
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  • Build a Home for Poor - Building Houses for The Poor Families - A lifetime Gift For Poor

    Quick Donation

    Blackburn UK Trust will use this amount for projects that need at most attention.

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  • Qurbani - Qurbani Large Animal/Small Animal - Sacrifices Animal for Qurbani - Help Poor



    Note: Available in 12 countries


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  • Sadaqah/Aqeeqah (Animal Sacrifice) - Help Poor


    1.Sacrifice of an animal and distribution of raw meat amongst the poor costs £110

    2.Sacrifice of a single animal, meal preparation and distribution costs £140

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  • Sewing Machine

    A single Sewing Machine costs £60

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  • Shelter House

    Building a shelter home costs £200

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  • Water Projects - Motorized Water Well - Motorized Water Well in Drought Area - Help The People to Drink Safe Water

    Water Well Project

    1. Motorized water well costs £750

    2. Water Hand Pump costs £150

    3. Water pump repair in Uganda costs £200

    4. Building a new water pump in Uganda costs £1200

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  • Wheelchair

    Cost of a single wheelchair is £60

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  • Widow Sponsorship

    It costs £20 to sponsor a widow for a month

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