● Globally, at least 2 billion people use a contaminated drinking water source

● 785 million people lack even a basic drinking-water service

● The average woman in rural Africa walks 6 kilometers every day to haul 40 pounds of water

-“Drinking-Water.” World Health Organization

Narrated by Sa'ad ibn Ubadah:
He asked the Messenger of Allah "Umm Sa'ad has died; what form of Sadaqah is best?" He replied: "Water (is best)." He dug a well and said "It is for Umm Sa'ad."
(Sunan Abi Dawud)

1. Motorized water well (Cost: £750):


  1. An electric motor is installed, which fetches water from the ground and stores it in an overhead tank. 
  2. These wells are built near a Masjid which lacks a wudhu facility. This serves a dual purpose of providing water for wudhu and also providing water for the whole local community of 100-200 people. We also build the Wudhu platforms.
  3. Providing a water well in this way is a very good way of offering Sadaqah Jariyah. 
  4. India – Motorised Well – £750

  5. Bangladesh – Small Well £500

2. Water Hand Pump (Cost: £150):


  1. A hand pump usually serves 10-15 local families. This pump is manually operated to fetch ground water.
  2. Hand pump donation is ideal for villages and households.
  3. Videos and photos are sent to the sponsor of the hand pump once the project is initiated and completed. A name plaque can be installed if the sponsor wishes. We can print the sponsors name, whether the pump is dedicated to someone, followed by the Blackburn UK Trust name.
  4. The project is done in – Bangladesh, India, Pakistan
A hand pump drawing clean water from the ground, providing a vital water source for the community.

3. Water pump repair
in Uganda (Cost: £200):

  • There are many damaged or dried up water wells in Uganda that were built a while ago but are no longer in use. We dig these wells to clean and repair the pump system for the locals to reuse again.

4. Build a new community Well in Uganda
(costs: £1,100):

  • In areas where there are no water wells and a large water shortage, we locate water underground, dig a new well and install a clean water pump.
A motorized water well pumping clean water, ensuring a sustainable and reliable water source for the community.
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