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" A Muslim is a brother of a Muslim who does not oppress him nor hand him over and who is after the need of his brother, Allah will be after his need and who relieves a Muslim from the plights of distress, Allah relieves him from one of the plights of distress of The Day of Resurrection and who enshrouds a Muslim, Allah will cover him on The Day of Judgment"
(Sahih Al Bani)

Emergency Aid

  • The Super Cyclone Storm Amphan hit West-Bengal in May 2020 and caused severe damage. Blackburn UK Trust was able to provide emergency aid to the people of West-Bengal by building houses and providing shelter etc.
  • People in West-Bengal are already suffering from poverty, the Cyclone made it more difficult for the people to survive
  • By the grace of Allah we were able to provide those affected with food, shelter, and clothing 
  • We were also able to build and repair their broken houses.
  • We also provided each family with a month of rations so that their survival is made easy until they recover from their losses
  • Similarly, in the past, we were able to aid the people of Indonesia as an emergency response after the Earthquake and Tsunami in 2018
  • We have also actively helped people in Kerala affected by Amphan
  • A single emergency aid costs £30

Gaza - Ambulance

  • The people of Gaza need our help.
  • A brand new fully equipped Ambulance which cost £33,000 has been delivered in Gaza.
  • This will serve the emergency health care needs of the people of Gaza

Afghanistan Appeal

  • 14 million people were identified as food insecure, including 550,000 who have been displaced by conflict since the beginning of the year (2021).
  • The Afghan healthcare system was at risk of collapse, aid agencies warn.
  • We helped the people affected by disasters, refugees, returnees from neighboring countries, and people affected by seasonal food insecurity.
  • Thank you for helping us deliver food packs for a month, medication and hygiene kits.
Afghanistan Crisis - Help the people on border

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